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Retaining Us

Its easy. Most of our engagements begin with a short telephone call.  Do not attempt to retain us by email.

Before you call. Before you call, you need to do two things. First, be prepared to describe your legal problem and the help you want from us in a few sentences. Second, know the names of everyone who may be adverse to you in our representation.

Conflict checking. Until we tell you otherwise, you should not reveal confidential or sensitive information to us, since we may already represent your adversary.  If we represent your adversary, we may disclose to your adversary your contact with us.  If the very fact of contacting an attorney is information that you would not want your adversary to know, then you should avoid disclosing the name of your adversary.

During a short initial telephone call, our staff will first obtain your name, telephone number and address, plus a very brief description of the type of assistance you are seeking, and the identities of parties that are adverse to you.

If a lawyer is immediately available, a lawyer will speak briefly with you so that we may perform a quick "conflict check" to determine whether or not we represent another party that may have an interest adverse to you. Otherwise, we will call you back.

Your objectives. If the "conflict check" is clear, then we will briefly discuss the legal services that you desire, the objectives that you desire us to obtain, and the possible fees for representation.

Most of our clients need advice about resolving a specific business problem, and the potential choices often range from doing nothing, to negotiating a solution, to filing litigation.

Fees. We believe in "no surprises" for you or us in the payment of legal services. For preliminary advice about resolving business problems, we charge clients on an hourly basis. Once the point has been reached that litigation is the best solution, we are usually willing to discuss representation on the basis of a retainer together with a contingency fee or paid-on-success fee.

Credit card and online payments.  We accept credit cards and various online payment services.  For information, click here.

Do not send unsolicited email us. You should not send us email before your retain us.  We may already represent your adversary.  We may disclose your unsolicited email to your adversary. We will not treat information received in unsolicited email as confidential, because we will not have formed a confidential relationship prior to receiving the email.  Talk to  one of our lawyers first, before you email us. See our email policies.

Referring Lawyers. Click here.

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